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How to Fix Ankle Pain on USD Aeon Skates

Recently I bought the USD Aeon 80 skates. I truly love these skates because by putting a full rocker setup on them I can enjoy Freestyle and Aggressive at the same moment at the park. They feel close to my dedicated Freestyle skates (FR Igor) due to the same wheel size. Though the USD skates have an issue..

The first weekend I skated them (9 hours..), the left skate destroyed my ankle and I had to recover for weeks. It seems to be a common USD problem. The community (reddit, youtube) has some tips for fixing different ankle pains. They include:

  • Checking the inner cuff bolt receiver/plate numbering on the inside
    • Left Outside: 1
    • Right Outside: 1
    • Left Inside: 4
    • Right Inside: 6
  • Grinding parts of the shoe (to make it softer)
  • Reshaping the shoe with a heating gun
  • Replacing the liner
  • Replacing the cuff

I checked the bolt receiver numbering and they were ok. The receivers were sticking out a bit but it wasn’t in line with my ankle wound. I put some tape over the receivers to make them softer though.

I discovered that the shape of the boot was the problem for my left foot. All pressure came directly onto my ankle bone. I wanted to give these skates a shot with their original parts so I didn’t want to replace the cuff nor do I think that would have fixed it for me. I didn’t like all the work with the heating gun. I wanted to go for a simpler solution.

I fixed it simply by placing a fabric padding just above my ankle bone (so not against the bone). This way the pressure is not on the ankle bone itself anymore but on the fabric against my leg. This fixed the issue for me and I have no more issues!

I used a simple dishcloth from the kitchen and folded it. An illustration below:

Foam above ankle

Foam in sock above ankle

Hope you found this useful!

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