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Better Apache2 Config Test for Missing Log Folders

By default the command apachectl configtest does not check whether the defined log folders exist. This causes the config test to give positive feedback about valid config files, but when restarting apache2 it might fail due missing folders.


How to Become a Better Developer and Bring Out The Best in Yourself

I love my work! Striving to improve and being the best version of myself is something I am very passionate about. In this article I will guide you how to be too!

During the 12,5 years of being a PHP developer there are powerful tools and habits that will always stick with me to be the best possible programmer, professional and person in general.


Magento admin grid filter values

Getting the filter values from an grid within the Magento admin can be a tricky task and is not very straight forward. In my case I required these values for a custom order export type to build a proper file name. After digging around in the code I found a way.



Recently I’ve finished a project called PHP-Minesweeper. It’s an object-oriented PHP implementation of the game Minesweeper I’ve created to practice test-driven development. It was a success as it’s my first hobby project I actually bothered completing due to the fun with this way of developing. There were only minor bugs down the road and I implemented the front-end (HTML) within 30 minutes.