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Magento 2 Status Processing for Check / Money Order Payments

In Magento 2 you can use the admin option New Order Status within Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods. Unfortunately it is not possible to change the status to Processing for Offline Payment Methods such as Check / Money order with the code name checkmo. By default you are stuck with Pending but this can be fixed using the code in this article.


How to Fix Ankle Pain on USD Aeon Skates

Recently I bought the USD Aeon 80 skates. I truly love these skates because by putting a full rocker setup on them I can enjoy Freestyle and Aggressive at the same moment at the park. They feel close to my dedicated Freestyle skates (FR Igor) due to the same wheel size. Though the USD skates have an issue..


Better Apache2 Config Test for Missing Log Folders

By default the command apachectl configtest does not check whether the defined log folders exist. This causes the config test to give positive feedback about valid config files, but when restarting apache2 it might fail due missing folders.