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Moved from Wordpress to Jekyll

I have converted this website from Wordpress to Jekyll. I thought it was time for a change and bring the site back alive in a modern way.

What is Jekyll?

Basically, Jekyll is a tool to create a blog/site using the Markdown markup language (or Textile). It will generate plain html files which can be uploaded to any host or be used using GitHub pages. No more databases, big PHP scripts and security issues to worry about. Pure html as output :)


The transition from Wordpress to Jekyll due to my number of posts was fairly easy for me. I just copied the articles as plain text, idented code examples, added some bolding and italic chars, copied the images with markdown references of them and done I was.

Also implemented Disqus for comments and importing old comments was a breeze.

I already like the idea of not worrying about updates, spam, etc.


Because I did not have much posts and kind of neglected this site for years, I hope this change will lead to me writing things I encounter while working. I always felt Wordpress was a pain to write using a wysiwyg editor. I love markdown, so I love the fact I can write in markdown now!

Hope to write some new posts again in the future :)

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